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Holiday Deadlines for Custom-Made Garments!

Luna Medical, Inc. would like to say THANK YOU for everything! This year has been an incredible year and the year is about to end which means deadlines, benefits restarting and holiday closings. So to keep the season cheerful we have decided to extend our hours till the end of the year as follows (except on holidays):

Mondays: 8am-7pm CT
Tuesdays: 8am-7pm CT
Wednesdays: 8am-7pm CT
Thursdays: 8am-7pm CT
Fridays: 8am-5pm CT
(No Longer Closed For Lunch During The Day)

We did this as we are experiencing an incredibly higher than normal volume in phone calls, faxes and emails (including benefit checks). With this said, we are extending the timeframe we normally give with benefit request responses. We do not want to compromise our outstanding customer service so the only way we could do this is to extend our hours and extend our timeframe from 24 hour response time to 48 hour response time to faxed/emailed benefit requests. We will also respond within 24 hours to messages, voicemails and emails. Still better than others, right? REMEMBER—it should not take more than 1-2 days to verify benefits—if a provider is in-network it’s literally a simple check of the plan and straight-forward. It’s always important to know who is in-network with your patient’s plan—don’t leave them out in the cold this season with no coverage.

Please note the deadlines from our manufacturers below and our holiday hours/closings.

December 1, 2018
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