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Luna Medical, Inc. is a durable medical equipment company established in 1996 to meet the needs of patients suffering from chronic, extremity circulation disorders. We are solely dedicated to providing compression therapy products for patients diagnosed with Lymphedema and Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Our main billing office and corporate headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois. Luna Medical is an authorized provider of lymphedema medical products nationwide.

We work with lymphedema treatment programs throughout the United States. We understand that therapists and patients are having a difficult time locating local providers for all the products we provide. Patients and therapists have stressed many concerns including: lymphedema products that do not fit properly (i.e. fitters at local providers do not have enough experience), misinformed about coverage issues (i.e. told there is no coverage when there is), provider is out-of-network” with the insurance (i.e. greatly reduced insurance benefits), charged up front for products when they have insurance coverage (i.e. patient should be charged any coinsurance/deductible after the claim pays), provided standard size products when custom-made products are necessary and most importantly, returns and alterations are not being handled in a fashionable manner.

We have national contracts with insurance companies, including:

National Plans

Illinois Plans

We are also contracted with many other insurance companies and insurance networks, giving patients access to coverage for their lymphedema medical products.

Our comprehensive services include:

We understand the fears and concerns patients encounter prior, during and after treatment for lymphedema. We provide educational material for the treatment and management of venous and lymphatic insufficiencies. We are here to answer questions about lymphedema medical products that are clinically efficacious for patients on a case by case basis.

Please feel free to call for assistance to walk you through your first referral. If we at Luna Medical can be of any assistance, please call toll free at 1-800-380-4339 or email us at