Meet The Team

Curtis Bumgarner (President/Director of Accounting/Lymphedema Advocate & LE&RN Chapter Chairperson for Illinois)

“I have worked under Marianne Luh (Founder) for a few years and she has passed on her knowledge, position and trust with the business to carry it to the next level. I come from a fitness/health center management background that has helped me understand the many aspects of taking care of one’s body. I am dedicated to continue carrying the torch for Luna Medical’s presence in the Lymphedema Community. Look for many great things to come in the next year!”

Cassandra Killian (Lead Customer Service Specialist)

“I came to Luna Medical from the service industry and I’m delighted to be able to use my service skills to help people and to work with others who are passionate about helping people improve their life, building and maintaining relationships with all of our patients, and having hands on experience about learning the health care system.”

Andrew Cookson (Director of Billing)

“It’s been such a pleasure and reward to work with Luna Medical and to help those in need by teaching them about reimbursement and how they do not have to result in ‘private pay’ when they have insurance plans that will cover these garments.”

Charmine Evangelista (Fitter/Order & Returns Coordinator)

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