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L&R TributeNight Compression Garments

TributeNight garments maintain the gains patients have made in therapy and decrease treatment time. They treat indurate tissue and stabilize daily fluid fluctuations. With TributeNight garments, you simplify the patient’s home program and stimulate initial lymphatics. TributeNight garments also protect limbs and support lax tissue.

How does TributeNight work?

1. Foam channels apply directional or bidirectional compression to the tissues.

2. Foam chips nestle into tissue to create localized tissue stretch and pressure differential.

3. TributeNight garments create tissue stretch, opening the initial lymphatic gaps to encourage reabsorption of interstitial fluids and particles.

Sleep Well at Night with TributeNight

When patients order a custom TributeNight garment, they receive much more than a nightwear garment. They get the comfort and knowledge that they are purchasing from a company that not only stands by them, but also the lymphedema community.

Sure-Fit Warranty. Every patient deserves a great fitting garment, so L&R is proud to provide our customers with our exclusive Sure-Fit Warranty. Within 45 days of shipment, if the garment does not fit as desired, L&R USA will alter or remake the garment free of charge.

Alteration Policy. Girth reductions are predictable when utilizing TributeNight garments, so TributeNight offers one free alteration to decrease the size of the custom TributeNight garment. Sorry, garments cannot be enlarged.

One Year Warranty. Each custom TributeNight garment is backed by an industry leading one year warranty. This warranty guarantees the garment to be free of manufacturing or material defect for one full year from the date of purchase. If the garment is found to be defective, L&R will provide the necessary adjustments at no cost to the consumer.

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