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Thuasne (Mobiderm)

Luna Medical, Inc. is officially providing THUASNE (Mobiderm bandage system, Mobiderm AutoFit Garment & Elastic Garments).

Mobiderm Studies, Case Reports and Abstracts

Lymphatic & Research Biology (2017)
An Auto-Adjustable Night Garment to Control Early Rebound Effect of Edema Volume After Intensive
Phase of Decongestive Lymphedema Therapy

Support Care Cancer (2017)
Interest of an auto-adjustable nighttime compression sleeve (MOBIDERM® Autofit) in maintenance phase of upper limb lymphedema: the MARILYN pilot RCT

Journal des Maladies Vasculaires (2014)
Prospective multicenter observational study of lymphedema therapy: POLIT study

Annals of Vascular Medicine and Research (2017)
Clinical use of a Night-Time MOBIDERM Garment as a Treatment Modality for Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema: A Retrospective Longitudinal Cohort Study

Chronic Oedema (2018)
Mobiderm Autofit: an adjustable sleeve that enables patients to self-manage lymphoedema

British Journal of Community Nursing (2016)
Lymphoedema management at night: views from patients across five countries

Journal of Lymphoedema (2018)
The hybrid approach to treating severe lower-extremity lymphoedema

Mobiderm Videos

Mobiderm Bandaging, Upper Extermity

Thuasne – Mobiderm Autofit Garment

Thuasne – Mobiderm Autofit Arm Garment – Fitting video

Thuasne – Mobiderm Autofit Leg Garment – Fitting video

Thuasne – Mobiderm Bandages – Hand Bandaging Method in Upper Limb Lymphedema

Thuasne – Bandaging Full Leg with Mobiderm

Thuasne – Bandaging Full Arm with Mobiderm

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