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Patriot by Medi

Posted July 25, 2017

Patriot by medi is a high quality, lower priced men’s compression sock from Medi USA. The Patriot features an attractive ribbed design and a larger foot box designed specifically for a man.

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Product Description

What medi says about the Patriot by medi:

Patriot by medi offers great value and benefit by combining accurate medical compression with a lower price point. This economical product is an ideal lower cost supplement to mediÕs internationally recognized advanced medical compression product line.

Compression Guru’s Take:

A nice value priced compression stocking designed to look like a ribbed dress sock.

Ideal For:

Mild to Moderate Venous Disease
Mild to Moderate Varicose Veins
Tired, Achy, or Heavy Feeling Legs
Short Term Wear

Not Ideal For:

Severe Venous Disease
Lymphatic Edema or Lymphedema
Venous Disease Above the Knee
Daily Wear

About medi:

Medi is the worldwide leader in medical compression. German based with a US headquarters and manufacturing in Whitsett, NC. Among mediÕs biggest advantages include their ÒoptimalÓ sizing chart with many products having 7 sizes at the ankle and 2 leg lengths. High quality manufacturing which results in better than average durability. New innovations in compression garments including their Clima Fresh and Clima Comfort systems which improves the wear ability of their stockings.

Medi guarantees the compression of their garments for 6 months.

Medi also manufactures CEP sports compression.

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Mild to moderate spider veins.
Slight to severe varicose veins.
Mild to moderate edema.
Tired, achy, heavy legs.
Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


Severe arterial insufficiency, intermittent claudication, ischemia. Uncontrolled congestive heart failure.
Cautions: skin sensitivities or allergies. Advanced neuropathy indicating sensory loss in leg or foot. diabetes with advanced arterial compromise. Confinement to bed or non-ambulatory use unless otherwise prescribed by the physician. Eczema, hypodermatitis, dermatosclerosis, dermatitis (following treatment).


Polyamide, Elastane

Care Instructions

Hand wash or machine wash only using gentle detergents on delicate cycle at 100*F.
Do not use fabric softeners, chlorine based or WooliteTM type detergents.
Most mediven¨ models are suitable for machine dryers using the gentle cycle. Do not dry over heaters, in direct sunlight or by wringing out the garments.
Do not dry clean or iron your medi garments
Use the medi stocking guardian wash bag to wash your compression garments with extra care and to prolong their lifespan.
Follow the specific wear and care instructions provided with each product.